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Everybody’s nails are different, this is why we offer three systems, so that we can find the best products to suit your nails. Before any treatment you may have a free consultation to enable us to tailor your nails to suit you and your lifestyle. All nail systems include coloured or French polish if desired, length and shape will be to your choice. Nail art and gems are available at a little extra cost.

Acrylic Nails Full Set

Prepare and apply tips to the edge of your natural nails. Acrylic powder is applied for strength and durability. Then length, file, buff, shape and polish as per your preference.

Acrylic Refill

Required every 2-3 weeks, depending on growth and condition of your nails. Balance, cut down, shape, buff and colour polish.

Acrylic Overlay

Acrylic powder is applied onto your natural nails, providing extra strength and shape without adding any length or extension.

Gel Nail Full Set

Same procedure as Acrylic Nails except Gel powder used instead of Acrylic powder. Gel provides shiny, incredibly transparent and natural finish.

Gel Refill

Same as Acrylic Infill but using Gel.

Acrylic Service Fees

Full Set
Full Set Overlay
Full Set White Tip
Full Set White Powder
Infill White Powder
Nail Repair
Soak Off
Design Nail Art (full set)
Design Nail Art (two fingers)
Buff Shape and Polish
Hydration Manicure
Sea Scrub Pedicure
Manicure & Pedicure
Nail Piercing